The Great British Pub #Sarcasticon

The Crystal Palace
Regimented figurines
Inflated prices

£4.99 for a packet of crips and a pint of Fosters, mate! You've got to be taking the raw prawn cocktail... 
Them's not London - well, Teddington, prices - them's worse!


Ugandan Naval Relations

Commander Sarah West
Allegedly made a frigate her love nest.
Not so much "Sleeping with the Enemy;"
More a whole new meaning for "her third dickey."


Lights Out - August 4th, 1914

Lamps are going out...
Except on that War Machine

Sir Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Falladon

Inspired by that iconic and prescient quotation attributed to the British Foreign Secretary on the eve of the Great War:

The trauma it engendered earned it the epithet "the War to end all wars."

This has not proved to be so.


Five Guinea Reward

It pays to advertise, Mrs Malone,
And in truth the lady was rarely alone,
As gentlemen handed in her merkin
At 9 Gay Street, a-smirkin'

From: "Lifting the Georgian petticoats" by Georgette McCready, THE BATH MAGAZINE, 142, July 2014.