Twixt two worlds

Skeletal forms bridge
Severn's wide roiling waters
Five worlds conjuncted

On seeing the crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter in loose conjunction over the Severn Crossings linking England and Wales last Sunday evening.



The Cardinal Sin

The Cardinal Sin said
it's not how many angels dance on a pinhead,
it's envying their Strictly win,
that's the Cardinal Sin.


Well, it's one theory...

Sir Isaac Newton
awoke on a futon
when an apple fell on his head, courtesy of gravity.
"It's Stukeley's; I'm an android man", he cried with alacrity.


Rugby Bushido

Fifteen Japanese 
Rugby players in three lines 
perform the haiku


Three Japanese lines 
Seventeen face the All Blacks
Haiku v Haka 

Which do you prefer?


Convenience Grosseries

Whether vans or cars
Drivers have priority
Pedestrians last

On seeing yet another supermarket delivery vehicle parked on a pavement forcing mothers with push-chairs, the elderly, etcetera to step out into the road...



The stars shine by consuming themselves

Whitney Houston
we have a problem with addiction.
Whether booze or drugs, fame's false choice
first ravaged then stilled that perfect voice.

Clerihews are meant to be whimsical but sometimes rules are made to be broken.


Backward Backwoodsman

Rugby with Tony
marred by loud American
The Boater's Bigfoot!

on watching England beat Scotland, and France beat Italy in the opening matches of the 2012 Six Nations, on a television in the lounge of a public house in Bath.