The Return of the Nori

Dan Norris
learned nothing from Horace.
From MP to Mayor he's trimmed his aims;
Mr Norris Changes Trains.



Fantasy Fodder - Starters

Some loyal toast with 
brie and Frenchman's Kiss pâté
Fantasy Fodder.

Ideal for virtual parties on Twitter...


Music to shake the spheres...

Tectonic platelets
Requiem for an Angel
Stirs the heart's magma

or do you prefer

Tectonic platelets
Requiem for an Angel
Moves the heart's dark blood

On listening once more to Requiem for an Angel, by Paul Carr: the first time I've done so in a year.


Spring cleansing

Asma al-Assad,
your husband's bad.
If he loves you, surely he'll stop
draining Syria's blood, drop by drop?

A plea to the President's wife along the lines advocated by Sheila Lyall Grant and Huberta von Voss Wittig (the wives of the UK and BRD Ambassadors to the UN respectively, in yesterday's Times of London).