Sung in vivo

Sudden Opera
It's not over until the
Pregnant ladies sing

On being speedily invited to the English Touring Opera's performance of the Coronation of Poppea at the Theatre Royal, Bath... I wonder what it's like for a young foetus when your mum-to-be spends her evenings singing, as did the artists playing Poppea and Drusilla in last night's excellent performance.


Alas an alias?

Engelbert Rodrigo
Has to be an alias, bro!
The French Foreign Legion requires a nom de guerre;
The Danish merchant navy a nom en mer?


It never reigns but it paws

Flavius Belisarius
Had every reason to cuss;
Blinded, cuckolded, footsore; stripped of his triumphal palms.
And now a sodding tin denarius passed in his alms!



It's a Dog's life

Old man in a pub
A pint and a newspaper
His dog at his feet

or do you prefer

Dog marks time's passing
A pint and a bluespaper
Old man in a pub


Craig's List

Daniel Craig's list
Of things Bond does when pissed
Fascinated spies,
And sparked a run on mince pies...


The Experience

Jimi Hendrix
Could make music with just two sticks.
With a guitar,
He was better by far.



Enemies can't hurt you like friends can (3)

Should you balance your
Need to forgive with your wish
To first get them back?

or do you prefer

Should you balance your
Wish to forgive with your need
to protect your heart?