White Man's Burden

Got heartily sick of of those brothers
Murmuring "too damned quiet, what?"
Before it all got way too hot.

credit: Paramount

Or perhaps

Got thoroughly sick of those others
Who "it's too damned quiet" would confess
Just as the natives grew restless.

credit: Paramoun

Or might you prefer

Was decidely sick of those mothers
And the occasional chinless toff
Mouthing "too damned quiet" before it all kicked off.

credit: Rank


Brexit Day

Searching the wardrobe
What to wear when brexiting?
Article Fifty?

or, perhaps,

Queen Theresa the First,
For unconstrained power had a thirst.
One Union she called her "Precious";
Of t'other she refused to make a fuss.

or, mayhap,

Pride unwarranted
Sticking to a timetable
To shoot your own foot

or, indeed,

Her Mayesty
What sayest thee?
When the Madness of Queen Theresa
Infects the average geezer.


Mare Mia

The Man In The Moon
Would like to spoon
With the crescent Venus
When he's waxing gibbous.

Or do you prefer

The Man In The Moon
Thinks fair Venus will swoon
When she sees him gibbous
and so very libidinous.



Fulminate on Mercury

Was sure Hg smells
And his Martians' heat-rays, er,
Foreshadowed the phaser.

credit: National Portrait Gallery

or do you prefer

Wrote of heat-rays not spells.
Though a badly calibrated Time Machine meant
He lived in but never played Mornington Crescent.

By Sunil060902 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 


"76 Million Words Of Pure Filth"

Enid Blyton
Her imagination took flight on
Conversations on paw and hoof
Often ending with a "woof!"

Inspired by authorial word frequency research by Ben Blatt
Sunday Times, pg 8, 5 March 2017