Fossil Thoughts

Pressed leaves on the path
Like wee dinosaur footprints 
More ephemeral

credit: Manchester University


Be Careful For What You Wish

Gaius Julius Caesar
Crossed the Rubicon without a visa.
He wanted to be Dictator-for-life;
A wish granted by the assassin's knife.


Sharks and Suffrajets

Emmeline Pankhurst.
Misogyny made her fit to burst.
As too the straitlaced correctness of Suffragists;
Suffragettes ruled out nowt bar their fists.

Credit: Wikipedia

Or do you prefer

Emmeline Pankhurst
Conshies cursed.
Men who'd not fight the Boche
Got white feathers no matter how posh.

Credit: Wikipedia


Laboratory Rat

Such a sense of loss
Of self for a simple tooth
And for eyes limbs mind?

Or perhaps

Can corporal loss
Cause mental disruption too?
Hoarding tendency?


Root Canal

Searching for trousers
Fear-filled hind brain's cunning plan
To avoid dentist

or perhaps

Extraction today.
Ego's response to id's Angst
Is to hide my pants?


"You say Weinstein,..."

Albert Einstein
Would not have liked Harvey Weinstein.
Not least for making me force 'Einsteen'
To rhyme with Weinstein.