The Beagle Has Landed

Cold red air so thin
It's no way to treat a dog
With a wounded paw

Initial iteration of Beagle 2 lander design (solar panel layout subsequently modified)
© Beagle2 All Rights Reserved

On hearing the news that Beagle 2 has been sighted on the surface of Mars; the inference being that a British space probe has reached the surface of another planet. 

British science probe Beagle 2 imaged on the surface of another planet
Credit: HiRISE/NASA/JP/Parker/Leicester

The Beagle 2 deployed configuration (final design iteration)
Credit: ESA MARS Express © Beagle2 All Rights Reserved

Prof. Pillinger (RIP, 9 May 1943 – 7 May 2014) would have been so proud...

R.I.P. Prof. Colin Pillinger CBE FRS FRAS FRGS (1943 – 2014) 
© Mike Peel; Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester. 

... As indeed am I, of the efforts of friends, colleagues at SEA and many other British companies.


Riddickulous rhyming

Richard B. Riddick
Relaxed with a Glenfiddick
Between 'letting mercs go'
And going with the Necromongers' flow.

Credit: Universal Pictures


From Lean Movie Manufacturing to appEaling Comedies

Sir Alec Guinness
Oft the Sith would diss
And told the Burma Railway guards at the door
"These are not the drudges you are looking for"