One Thing and another...

Thing One and Thing Two;
Scary starey eyes and hair that is blue.
Two twin things dressed the same just for fun;
Luckily labelled Thing Two and Thing One.

Inspired by this (presumably an homage to Dr. Seuss).

Introspective retrospective

Those women I've loved
Needs for children, love unmet
No parsnips buttered


Grate Expectations

Mr Wemmick,
Oily as a Dickensian candle's wick.
Offers timeless advice for staying tax-free:
"Get hold of portable property."


Planning for Serendipity...

Supernovae hunts
help oncologists trap crabs
Black Sky research rocks!

inspired by this report of how pure science research produces often unexpected dividends.



On seeing Spielberg's Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
abolished Slavery for one
and for an encore
met at the theatre a dreadful bore

or do you prefer

Abraham Lincoln
ended Slavery's despicable run
To him the 13th owed its genesis
but the 2nd proved his nemesis