RIP Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong,
To the stars you now belong.
A million years hence, of you no hint,
Save on the Moon, that first footprint.


Esteamed locomotion

The purr-wheep echoes
Across the valley's stillness
Steam locomotive

or do you prefer

Vapours billowing
In esteamed locomotion
We love a choo-choo


Pie Shop anecdote

Bradley Wiggins
Annoyed the French more than Mrs Miggins.
Riding off with the Tour de France
and cycling Gold, given half a chance.


Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield
Reeled when his tubular bells pealed.
Too long exposed at Glastonbury,
The one year it was so very sunny.


Miss Anastatia Rugg

Miss Anastatia Rugg,
In high dudgeon and thick fugg,
Sued for breach of promise the baker
Who Mrs Hawkins wouldn't make her.