Totemic Polemic

Americans' Superheroes.
Sorting the World's woes.
Though hogs might fly,
Before they'd cheer for Gun Control Guy.

Or do you like

America's Superheroes.
Sorting the World's woes.
The one Superhero bound to turn necks red?
Background Checking Fed.

"Molon labe" by Fkerasar.
 Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons


Another Victim of Bullying?

Grant Shapps
Downed a stiff Schnaps
When told by some Tory Lord
To fall on his sword.

Or do you prefer:

Grant Shapps
Found editing Wikimaps
Open to mishaps.
Poor ol' Michael Green.


Greedist Sympathiser

Roger Wilco,
Though trained to obey by Sgt Bilko,
Failed miserably back in Civvy Street;
As a Bank Compliance Officer he got beat.

© CBS Television


Seeing a Man About With A Dog

Reflected slow pace.
Comfortable companions.
Aged man and dog.

or do you like

Reflective slow pace.
Ruminating past glories?
Aged man; old dog.