Brauchen Sie Rezept,
Wurst im Bier zu kochen?
Erst, sauft das Bier...

Or do you prefer

Need a recipe
To poach sausages in beer?
Step one: quaff the beer...

credit: Takeaway


That Bozo Bojo

Boris Johnson
Finds being Foreign Secretary no fun,
Derided by his boss for lack of stature 
With hair in urgent need of a Thatcher.

Or do you prefer:

Theresa May'd
Gladly have ordered Boris flayed,
But his "punishment beatings" blooper
Put him "first in line" for a week in the cooler.


Yawning Chasm? Or Chiasm, Yawn?

Dorothy Parker.
Could she have been sarcasticer?
Though too fucking busier still,
That yawning chiasmus to fill.

Thanks to Mark Forsyth (via Jeanette James) for the inspiration if not the implementation.