Doctor, No?

Roger Moore,
The Beeb claimed, felt it a bore
To attempt the Bond sex scenes aged 58.
Roger No More was to be his fate.

RIP, Sir Roger


The Ingenious Mechanick

John Joseph Merlin,
With figurative moustachios atwirling
And mechanical gaming machinations,
Aroused in Georgians disturbing sensations.

Gainsborough, 1792


Rhyme Suspect

Lynda la Plante
Never mentioned the interview room's elephant,
Or indeed fashion, politics or sect,
To her prime suspect.

credit: Alchetron


Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice

The Fifth Marquess of Lansdowne
Caused the editor of the Times to frown
With his letter begging to implore
The First World War be declared a draw.


Increased Propensity to Flag-Waving

Sunny 9th of May
Humming Europe Day's anthem
It's all Owed To Joy

or do you prefer

Feeling high pressure
Strumming Europe Day's anthem
Owed to Beethoven

© Banksy