Name Five Famous Canadians

Miguna Miguna
Kenya's Boris-shaped lacuna
Was he press-ganged to Dubai?
Aye aye.

https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2018/03/31/what-about-miguna-kot-ask-after-uhuru-scraps-visa-rule-for-mozambicans_c1739095 etc, etc


One Defence Secretary, Former, Disgraced, for the use of

Doctor Liam Fox

Prescribed pulling up their socks

To directors idling with their board

On the golf links more than exporting abroad.


Doctor Liam Fox

Added vegan woks

To the jam and bassoons, if you please,

He’ll export post-Brexit to the Chinese.


Doctor Liam Fox

Doesn’t prescribe from airports and docks.

“Don’t seek substitutes;” (he never tells the House)

“Keep your existing trade.” (he hasn’t the nouse)

Or perhaps you like

Doctor Liam Fox.

Not the sharpest scalpel in the box.

No vetinarian, he

Couldn’t a scapegoat see.


Computer Says 'No'

Professor Stephen Hawking
Let his computer do the talking,
As he revealed secrets of Spacetime most profound
While barred from most stations on the Underground.

Wheelchair access to the Tube in 2015


"Two Tommies"

Thomas George Thomas, First Viscount Tonypandy
Might have thought his legs too bandy.
Yet wearing the Speaker's tights
Gave him no sleepless nights.


"Bury me where I am assassinated"

Petr Arkadevich Stolypin's
Rewards for political sins
Included single tickets for Stolypin Carriages;
His Stolypin Neckties tightened like bad marriages.