Live from Westminster, 1834

Mrs Wright was wrong
Black Rod's Box too hot to probe
Parliament burns

Today in 1834 the Houses of Parliament burnt, after the destruction by burning of Tallies (obsolete wooden record sticks) led to a flue fire in the House of Lords. The devastation was not complete but Westminster Hall is the only major surviving part that was incorporated into the current building designed by Barry and Pugin.

My world's a stage

Enter room stage right
Cross the limelighted planking
Exeunt stage left

or do you prefer

Enter room stage right
Cross the limelighted planking
Bow, exit stage left


The cold waters of Scapa Flow

World turned upside down
HMS Royal Oak sunk
while boys slept below

Written on the anniversary of the sinking of the Royal Sovereign class battleship HMS ROYAL OAK on the night of 13/14 October 1939.  Of the 833 sailors who died, 100 were boys, aged 15-17, an event that led to the Royal Navy ending the tradition of sending boys to sea for active service.