227, Strand

James Gillray
Elicited much dismay.
Dis may ruin careers;
Dat may incite sneers.



James Gillray
Elicited much dismay.
Dis may provoke tears;
Dat may end careers.


or perhaps?

James Gillray
Would spy a boon in Teresa May.
He'd caricature.




"Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones..."

Taking a break from Questioning the PM on Mrs Bone's behalf, Mr Bone expressed his trenchant views on the conduct of the EU Referendum campaign:

Mr Peter Bone
Again did moan
Causing Mr Mark Carney to groan
He'd rather take it from Mrs Peter Bone

Without moving his lips. Credit: Trinity Mirror

And was again mired in controversy more recently:

Mr Peter Bone
Did not take out that loan
And Mrs Peter Bone had no need her spouse to pawn
With help-to-buy from a Mr George Osborne

Credit: Have I Got News For You


Hanging Chads Is Too Good For 'Em

Al Gore
He "used to be the next president" no more.
Step-father of a commercial internet,
Nine-to-two says he's never placed an online bet.

Nobel Peace Prize 2007
© Kjetil Bjørnsrud