227, Strand

James Gillray
Elicited much dismay.
Dis may ruin careers;
Dat may incite sneers.



James Gillray
Elicited much dismay.
Dis may provoke tears;
Dat may end careers.


or perhaps?

James Gillray
Would spy a boon in Teresa May.
He'd caricature.



Two impressions of England

Quiet countryside
Doves cooing o'er infant school
Girt by tall wire fence


Still English village
Belies monopedal harm 
Cry "Murder afoot!"


"Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones..."

Taking a break from Questioning the PM on Mrs Bone's behalf, Mr Bone expressed his trenchant views on the conduct of the EU Referendum campaign:

Mr Peter Bone
Again did moan
Causing Mr Mark Carney to groan
He'd rather take it from Mrs Peter Bone

Without moving his lips. Credit: Trinity Mirror

And was again mired in controversy more recently:

Mr Peter Bone
Did not take out that loan
And Mrs Peter Bone had no need her spouse to pawn
With help-to-buy from a Mr George Osborne

Credit: Have I Got News For You


Steady, Boys, Steady!

For the young - heart-yearn
For the middle-aged - heart-burn
For the old - heart-croak


Hanging Chads Is Too Good For 'Em

Al Gore
He "used to be the next president" no more.
Step-father of a commercial internet,
Nine-to-two says he's never placed an online bet.

Nobel Peace Prize 2007
© Kjetil Bjørnsrud