The luck of the Irish...

...sadly deserted them on their Saint's day rugby union match against the mighty English:

Stumbles and fumbles
St Patrick's luck deserts greens
for the red dragons


St Patty's Day Poetry Challenge

A would-be writer from Wales
took time off from his travails
to compose in lieu
a poor Clerihew
that against a Haiku sadly pales:

Rachelle Gardner
"Howdy, pardner!
Write me a verse most slick,
a three line seventeen syllable Limerick."

written in response to this challenge.


Getting it into perspective

Immortal wand'rers
Venus conjuncted with Jove
But no bull this time

inspired by this astronomical accident of celestial geometry and perspective...


On viewing CORIOLANUS, The Movie...

Caius Martius Coriolanus 
by the Bard made famous. 
"...husband to a murdered wife  ...father to a murdered son; 
er..., no, that was the other one. 


Three Wanderers

Orange Mars rising
Evening star sets with Jove
Three planets in view

Sadly, I missed the bolide that transited north to south about 20 minutes after I viewed these planets while walking to the pub...