Satiation in Sutton

"Who ate all the pies?"
The rolly-polly goalie
Prefers a pasty

credit: BBC

Or do you prefer

Wayne Shaw
Thought it a bit raw.
Not his dugout pasty,
But the FA turning nasty.


Plea Bargaining

If, Rudyard Kipling,...
If you'd been a poetic stripling...
If of early parole we'd had pretence...
If you'd passed a shorter periodic sentence.

By Unknown - Rudyard Kipling von John Palmer, Public Domain,



Humpty Dumpty sat on his great wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a yuge great fall.
He instructed Jeff Sessions,
Huffily, to sue the Mexicans.


Being Kitty Smart

Christopher Smart.
Criss-crossing his heart,
Christian tropes expressed so pitiably
Crisply told how he loved Jeoffrey


Daze of Wine and Roses

He wrote poetry like a heady potion,
Did Ernest Dowson.
It was no cure for melancholy or sepsis;
His technique was in fact prolepsis.

Ernest Dowson (1867 – 1900)