Singapore Slang

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.
What truly baffles?
He didn't invent the charity raffle
But of Singapore's future oft did babble.


Ask a Rupert

Lt Colonel Phillip 'Rupert' Smith.
Quirky, sure, but never wore a Helmet, Pith.
"What's the first rule?"
It's gotta pin - don't use it to play boules.


Wolf Lord I

Lord of Dyfed Prince Bleiddudd,
The Monks of Tenby outwith,
Priests generally he found fickle.
While Druids made him sickle.


The Big Bang Trouble With Sheep And Goats

There once was a priest from Terra Haute,
Who purchased some sheep and a goat.
Love can be bought, he thought,
Until the moment he got caught.
That quote terribly haughty priest unquote.

credit: TBBT


Old Fat Furry Catpuss

Once auditioned for Ballets Russes;
His pirouette from watchers a vision did cajole
Of a rotund and lazily twirling barber's pole.

photo: BBC