What a good ol' boy, the IOC President...

Count Jacques Rogge
Belgium waffler, phlegmish cougher.
Having reached the Olympian heights,
Chose in the Olympic Village to spend his nights.


A Vatican Clerihew not a Limerick

There was a young lady called Joanna Cannon
Who yawned when the Pope preached on and on
She'd much rather be
with her dog Seth and robins one, two, three

Where have the skylarks gone?

Translucent blue sky
crowns Little Solsbury Hill
But no skylark sings.


Making a Dickens of a character...

Mr Pancks.
Steam blows; piston clanks.
Dickens of a character a metaphor did make;
A tugboat chugging in his Principal's wake...


Skiffy traditions

The doors go fffft-wheee
Starships go whoooosh through vacuum
Thanks Foley artists!


Hotel dew lack

Moneyed stillness reigns
Royal Crescent drawing room
Outside it still rains

After walking for 30 minutes through that mist of precipitation that eventually penetrates to the bone, it was warm and dry in the hotel; a more agreeable way to await my sister-in-law, as she finished her training course. 


Thank you Late Heavy Bombardment

Matthias Willbold 
looked into craters on Earth so very old. 
Found our precious metals arrived as asteroids diving; 
Every debris cloud had a silver lining.

Inspired by this insight.


Haven't you got homes to go to?

The Great British Pub
Warm beer, sausage, egg and chips
Banter and Ranter

or do you prefer

The Great British Pub
Barman's cleavage from behind
Barmaid's from the front


Sick as a parody...

Wayne Rooney
Striker extraordinary
Falls on his back thinking of England, pet!
Hoofing his balls roughly towards the net