The French Have No Word For 'Single Entendre'

Roger Mellie
Now The Man on the Digital Telly.
As an organ of arrested emotional intelligence,
VIZ would find that suggestive nonsense

credit: Viz/Nicola Jennings Public Domain

On finding a copy of VIZ in the magazine rack over the Snug Bar's fireplace in THE STAR one Sunday. I hadn't realized it was still going. I miss topless skateboarding nun and that faithful black bin liner that rounded up sheep... 


Vulcanised ears

Kim Cattrall
Hey up 'n' all
Can make Received Pronunciation
Sound sultry even costumed as a nun

Credit: Canadian Film Centre


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

What a belle!
Sonorous and stentorian chimes
For whom one finds sadly few rhymes

credit: jdeeringdavis,2013,San Francisco,CA,USA