Speaker's Cornered

Dominic Grieve,
In again trusting his PM, was touchingly naive.
Meaninglessly he voted against his own clause;
A rebel without applause.


One Year On...

Moved today listening to first-hand and eye-witness accounts of the terrible fire that consumed Grenfell Tower and 72 of its residents. Particularly harrowing were the insights into the initial and ongoing effects on the children of the neighbourhood, especially the impact of the particular nature of the tragedy.

How to tell a child?
Her pre-school friend's still missing
Though she's still at home.



Bring Out Your Dead

Arkady Arkadyevich Babchenko

Tweaked the despot's tail, a tale all men know.
Oh, Ukraine - beware
The Story of the Boy Who Cried Bear!


CLUEDO - NRA Edition

Sophomore Sidney
With the AR-15 in
The School Library

or do you prefer

Always same answer:
Rifleman Ruby; school-hall;
The assault rifle.