Lucky Seven Meme Game

Nettie Thomson has kindly tagged me as one of the seven writers to next participate in the Twitter game, the Lucky Seven Meme game.

This requires the tagged writer to 
  1. Select page seven or 77 of the writer's current manuscript;
  2. Find line seven;
  3. Post the next seven lines or sentences, exactly as they are (no cheating)
  4. Tag seven other writers to do the same.
  5. Let those writers know...
It's an honour I don't think I deserve, not yet having published a novel. My WIP, Exiles, is at an early stage. It's merely a collection of scenes, with many gaps between them, so it's difficult to identify even page seven let alone page 77 at the moment. Therefore I've chosen the seventh file, counted seven lines down, and plucked the following seven lines from it:
The Conclave had but a single purpose, the review of the known exoplanets and their star systems. The People were searching for a second home. The futures of up to 25,000 Persons would depend on the suitability of the chosen target system. It was a complex decision, dependent on many factors – the characteristics of the star; the known planets, the distribution of dust, gas and planetoids, if any were detected; the distance from the Solar System and quantitative analyses of both the scientific uncertainties and concomitant risks in choosing the first extra-solar home for humankind.
As it's first draft, and the work is evolving as I write, I'm not even sure it will survive the second draft re-write, but there you go... Mission accomplished.

Finally, to fulfil my obligations to whoever started this game, I would like to tag the following seven authors (with apologies if they have already been so tagged - does that excuse them, I wonder?). 

The Magnificent Seven are:








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